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Florida Lottery Holiday Commercials...Tis the Season to Decorate!

It’s always a blast working with the creative minds at PP+K and we’ve had the oh so fun opportunity of doing their holiday spot for Florida Lottery. A wacky Christmas office party!? The awkward family Christmas party!? Let the fun begin!

To be able to shop, decorate and dress these like these don't come around all the time. It was SO...MUCH...FUN...

Ralph and I went on a thrift store shopping spree. We always shop at all the big retail stores and that just gets old and you always know what you're gonna find say at a Target or a Homegoods. But when you get a chance to shop out of the box...well you really embrace these opportunities. I mean all the possibilities!!! Thrift stores are just a gold mine of different, one of a kind and hard to find items.

This blog will show you some of the creative stuff we got to do as well as the before and afters. The actual commercials are here too so you can see the finished product. Pause it in places even...maybe you an catch some of those great details. After all, we really dressed these environments. There wasn't a single spot left untouched. Not a single place our art team didn't have a hand in making just right.



A barren landscape of cubicles; that’s what we had to work with. I guess you could call it our palette so to speak.

before and after of the office

From that terrible fake office palm spun with christmas lights to the literature on the peg board...from the computer monitors and chairs, to sticky notes and phones. It wasn't just about placing the basics in the environment. It had to look like e a true working office.

We had all kinds of fun bouncing ideas around and coming up with the personalization of different characters and stations you’d find in an office. The ‘crazy cat lady’ the ‘gossip queens’. Even ‘snow globe collector’. Why not?! Right?! Let’s really create this world!

Here are some photos of the details. From homemade stockings, and Christmas cards, to a tower archway of gift boxes, take the time to take in all these fun details.

This is the Christmas cat wrapping paper I never thought I'd find and of course a home made star for the tree

I couldn't believe all the snow globes we found! This isn't all of them!

Here's the crazy cat lady's stocking

That's the art team of elves I made up for some wall decor



The picture below is the house before we came in and turned it inside out.

Here the house is after. Yes...that's tinsel in the tree! Loved that old lamp and grand pappy's arm chair we got from a thrift store and roughed up a bit to look a little more worn.

Here's a detail shot of pappy's tv tray. Yes those are false teeth in the glass! Too funny. These little details, they make ALL the difference in the world. The pill bottles and pill organizers; We created all the labeling for those bottles. Our book we found for him entitled 'The End' how to prepare for your death got nixed tho.

Here's wardrobe hard at work! They killed this one! All the costuming was so fun! Ralph is there too fussing with pappy's walker.

A lot of thought, time and attention to detail went into this fun shoot. There were times I felt the 'thrift store gods' were on our side so to speak. I remember wishing I could find christmas cat wrapping paper. I walked into the next thrift store and there it was! We needed a good book for beside pappy's chair for the house party. We walked into another thrift store and the moment I start rummaging through the books I immediately stumble across a book entitled 'The End' preparing for death...I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! Sometime the simplest things are the hardest to find and when you need something so specific and there it is before just can't help but get excited for it.

There were so many details to pay attention to, things that you may never see or notice specifically in the commercial, but it's all those little things that create the big picture you see in the end.

Well...that's it for now! Time to pack it up and drive away. Until next time...

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