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Brightening Up A Store Interior!

This before and after shows a bit of the turnaround I did on this boutique in Tampa, FL for a commercial we shot for Bright House (now Spectrum).

The main thing lacking here was layers; Layers, Layers, Layers!!! So important whenever you’re creating a room.

So to start, the shop owner had these beautiful brass fixtures to accent the room, but nothing on the shelves really played well with that. Just those figure drawings and mannequins. There was a very lovely glass display table with not much on it to do the piece justice.

There was a kind of deflated feeling in the room.

So when the director scouted the location, what it came down to was it had the skin and bones of a great set, it just needed to be filled with character. And that fun job was up to me!!!

My first goal and really the biggest for this job when shopping was to source the items for the shelves; the tchotchkes and trinkets that create that layer and depth. They help make the place feel warm and welcoming. This gives a sense that something is happening within the space and that it has character…that is so very important, regardless if it’s your living room or a set, a store interior or a front porch.

Check out those shelves and their layers!

I also added some fresh flowers in matching vases on matching display stands in either corner in the back of the store. Flowers and plants are a must for me. It really makes a space. I did a combo of real and silks (not too common for me) and I think they turned out pretty. The chandelier I brought in from Z Gallerie, and a couple mannequins from Pier One. Dressed those suckers up and voila!

The smalls came from a number of places. Some stuff was from an antique store that I rent from, Home Goods and Marshalls for the soaps and handbags, shoes, etc. I think you get the idea.

It really became quite a beautiful environment! It had all the feminine feel of the real deal! I think I could have fun styling and dressing stores for a living! And I think this finished product shows that! I hope I'll get another opportunity like this again some day.

But this certainly goes to show, layers and levels really make or break a space. So when thinking about your home, or even if you own a shop of your own, or a restaurant or bar, this makes a HUGE impact from the moment you step into a room. Whether or not I wan to stay and chat, shop, or enjoy a cup of tea...layers bring character and the more character the better!

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