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My Story

I am in love with the stories a single vignette or room can tell. With a deep desire to create beauty and elegance, I strive to surround my life with such. I search for a balance in color, texture and form. To breathe life into those things I do, whether it’s prop styling or designing and decorating. It is important to me that all the things that are created, no matter the scale or scope, have the qualities of a fine piece of art that is balanced and structured with a depth and beauty that is original.  


When I am working with the different elements and placing things in front of the camera is when I’m alive the most. The work I do opens up a whole other world for me imaginatively and allows for my creativity to move in a whole new way. The basics of art and design had already been such a huge part of my life coming from a fine art background, hence I was instinctually drawn to decorating and prop styling, learning quickly how to put a room and environment together through the details, great and small. But then to do so in such a way as to speak truthfully about a person, explain a situation, creating an emotion and mood; building layer upon layer to give a sense of an emotion, a moment, a feeling and a look that is unique and beautiful, one that is natural and all its own. That is the goal and achievement every time


An energetic and motivating team leader, I bring ingenuity to the plan of attack and depth to the look of a set. I love problem solving & thinking outside the box. From the conceptualizing to the executing, I am always giving my 100%, paying full attention to all details and demanding only the best.

My affection towards design and the things that I create are quite broad and I adapt to the needs of the client, always putting their wants and desires at the forefront of the project.

The scope of my services includes designing and styling from the set and to the home. So if you are interested in contacting me for work, or you have questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate. I welcome and consider all projects great and small and love to chat about ideas and thoughts.

You can reach me at or visit my contact page.

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