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Bright House 'Streaming 2'
Bath Fitters
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Bath Fitters
Bright House
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"a life that is styled is a life lived in style" - tiffany

My Blog

I want to share the experience of

styling, decorating and designing

with you!

From transforming an empty space,

to styling a home or set, to building a flower arrangment or garland.

The creative process is

forever changing!


Meet Tiffany

I am a props stylist and artist, a

 decorator and designer.

As an art and design enthusiast, I am always searching for authenticity, beauty and elegance.

I hope you enjoy what you see and read!

"style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" - rachel zoe


If  you're looking to design and create a set for a commercial or movie, or if you simply just need a decorators touch to bring depth and a look to your job, I'm here to provide it all. With many years of experience, I am well skilled at many levels to bring a vision to life.

"its all in the details no matter how small or large they are. " - tiffany


Get to know more about me and my life on Instagram! My travels, my personal journeys and creations, my day to day. The things that inspire and the things I love.

Keep in Touch!

The scope of my services includes designing and styling from the set and to the home. So if you are interested in contacting me for work, or you have questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate. I welcome and consider all projects great and small and love to chat about ideas and thoughts.

You can reach me at or visit my contact page.

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